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A revolutionary patented kitty litter scoop that eliminates bending and stooping and doubles as a dog pooper scooper; nut picker upper; ball picker upper; and beach sand scoop...

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Constantly bending and stooping to pick up your pet's waste can be harmful to your back. 

Why risk the injury? 

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Eliminate the back breaking bending and stooping method of picking up walnuts; acorns; pecans; and other nuts!

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Ball picker upper and grabber for golf balls; tennis balls; ping pong balls; hand balls; and even baseballs!
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Kitty Litter Scoop Claw
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The Scoop Claw
Kitty Litter Scoop; Dog Pooper Scooper; Ball Grabber; Walnut Picker Upper; Pecan Picker Upper; Beach Sand Scoop

Do find yourself constantly bending down or stooping to pick up golf balls; tennis balls; or other small objects?

Would you like to eliminate the back breaking bending and stooping method of cleaning your cat's litter box or picking up your dog's poop?

If you answered yes to either of the above, then you need the Scoop Claw.

What is The Scoop Claw?

The Scoop Claw is a revolutionary patented kitty litter scoop that eliminates the bending and stooping method of cleaning your cat litter box. It's a multipurpose tool that can also be used as a dog pooper scooper; ball grabber; nut picker upper; or beach sand scooper.

Designed with comfort in mind, the 32" long Scoop Claw is light weight (weighing just 2 pounds) and has an ergonomically designed handle for better gripping. Its aluminum / ABS construction combines light weight sturdiness with rust proof durability making the Scoop Claw a tool that you'll be able to use for years to come.

How Does The Scoop Claw Work?

Kitty Litter Scoop Kitty Litter Claw Cat Litter Kitty Litter Claw

Our Scoop Claws are easy to use and can be used on a variety of different surfaces such as litter; grass; rocks; cement; gravel; dirt; puddles; or even fresh snow. There're no expensive recharging stations to deal with or batteries to install. Our Scoop Claws are always ready to work for you.

To operate the Scoop Claw, begin by positioning the claws over the object that you want to scoop. Use the claws to scoop up the targeted object into the claws. Squeeze the handle's trigger to close the claws and secure the object. It's that easy.

Emptying the Scoop Claw is just as easy. Simply release the handle's trigger to open the claws and release it's contents. It doesn't get much easier.

5 Reasons You'll Love The Scoop Claw

  • It Eliminates Having To Bend Down Or Stoop To Pick Up Objects Such As Balls; Pet Waste; Nuts; And More
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle Means Better Gripping
  • Weighing Just 2 Pounds, It's Light Weight; Easy To Carry; And Easy To Use
  • It's Durable, Rust Proof Aluminum / ABS Construction Makes It A Product You'll Use For Years
  • It's Versatile And Can Be Used As A Cat Litter Box Scooper; Nut Picker Upper; Ball Picker Upper; Dog Pooper Scooper; And More!

How Can I Get The Scoop Claw?

Ordering the Scoop Claw is simple. Just click on the "Get The Scoop Claw" button below. If you want more than one Scoop Claw, you'll be able to select the quantity desired on the shopping cart page.

When you are ready to check out, simply click on the "Checkout" button to begin the purchase process using a credit card or PayPal.

Once we've recieved confirmation of your purchase, your order will be processed and shipped by USPS within two business days (in most cases).

Cat Litter Box Scooper
Long Handle Cat Litter Box Scooper Kitty Litter Box Scooper

The Scoop Claw

Rust Proof, ABS Construction
32" Long Which Eliminates Bending and Stooping
Ergonomically Designed Handle Means Better Gripping
Light Weight, Easy To Carry And Use
All New Patented Kitty Litter Removal System
Doubles As A Ball Grabber; Nut Picker Upper; Pooper Scooper

Get The Kitty Claw
As a kitty litter box scooper, our patented long handled Scoop Claw is the most user friendly, efficient kitty litter removal system. It has never been easier to clean your kitty's litter box than with the Scoop Claw. Simply position the claw over the waste; twist; and gently squeeze handle to scoop the waste; shake and release into a waste container. Our long handled kitty litter box scooper makes it easier to clean your kitty's smelly litter box without having to bend or stoop!

Need more information? Check out the kitty litter scoop product page.
Don't risk hurting your back by constantly bending or stooping...get The Scoop Claw!