What Makes The Best Poop Scooper

No matter how much you love your pets, cleaning up their waste is, at best, a necessary evil. Whether you’re emptying your indoor cat’s litter box or picking up after your dog in the yard, the right poop scooper makes all the difference. So in this article, we are going to examine just what makes the best poop scooper.

Pet owners want a product that is sturdy, easy to handle, and capable of getting the dirty job done with a minimum of fuss and as little hands-on contact as possible. That’s what makes the one handed Scoop Claw poop scoopers ideal!

The Kitty Litter Claw

kitty litter scooperScooping out the litter box with a hand-held scoop can leave even the most practical-minded of pet owners feeling grimy. Crouching to empty the box is an uncomfortable balancing act that brings you a little too close for comfort to your pet’s waste.

With our long handle kitty litter scooper, it’s easy to keep a refreshing distance between you and the cat litter box. Crafted from aluminum and ABS plastic, this lightweight kitty litter scooper saves wear and tear on your nose and your knees by letting you work while standing. The Kitty Litter Claw features an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to position the open claws over a clump of waste, twist slightly and squeeze the trigger on the handle to close the claws. Slots in the claws allow loose litter to drain away without letting waste fall through, so transferring the waste to a trash can is a cinch. With our kitty litter scooper, you can clean the cat litter box without getting your hands dirty.

The Doggie Scoop Claw

pooper scooper for dogs While many dogs will cheerfully roll in any nasty, foul-smelling stuff they find, most dog owners prefer to keep their distance from unpleasant things, including their beloved pet’s waste. With the Doggy Scoop Claw, poop scooper duty is a cinch. Just slip any plastic bag over the claws of this easy to use dog pooper scooper, place the claws over the dog poop and squeeze the trigger on the handle. Invert the plastic bag and release the handle, and the dog poo will be will be released into the bag. There’s no stooping or bending required.

Have several different piles deal with? Thanks to its solid ABS plastic claws, the Doggy Scoop Claw can also be used without a plastic bag to pick up waste. Weighing in at less than two pounds, our dog pooper scooper is light enough to be carried along on even the longest of walks, and it can be used safely on virtually any surface. The Doggy Scoop Claw can go wherever your dog does, making picking up after your pooch simple.