Best Metal Litter Box Scooper Ever!

Here’s why you’ll love our long-handled metal litter box scooper!

Emptying or scooping out your cat’s litter box with a hand-held litter box scooper can leave even the most loving cat owners reeling and even nauseated. It can be an uncomfortable balancing act that brings you a little too close for comfort to your cat’s waste.

“It’s The Best Metal Litter Box Scooper Ever”

metal litter scoop Crafted from aluminum and ABS plastic, our metal litter scoop allows you to clean your cat’s litter box while standing, thereby avoiding any unpleasant smells. It makes it easy to keep a refreshing distance between you and your cat’s nasty smelling litter box.

Its ergonomically designed handle allows allows you to position the Kitty Claw over a clump of waste with its open claws, twist slightly and squeeze the trigger on the handle to close the scooper claws. Slots in the scooper claws allow loose litter to filter out without allowing the clumps of waste to fall through. This makes disposing of the cat’s waste a cinch. Our metal litter scoop takes the stooping and bending out of cleaning your cat’s litter box.

When it comes to litter scoops, cat owners want a product that is durable, easy to use, and capable of getting the dirty job done with a minimum of fuss and as little hands-on contact as possible. That’s what makes the Kitty Claw the best metal litter box scooper ever!