Discount Poop Scoopers – 25% Off

discount poop scoopers For a limited time get free shipping and a 25% discount on poop scoopers. Read why our long handle pooper scoopers make the best pooper scoopers for dogs.

Our poop scoopers eliminate the back breaking method of removing pet waste from the yard or even from a cat’s litter box. The patented pending Kitty Claw is the most user friendly, efficient kitty litter removal system.

Poop Scooper Features

  • Rust Proof, ABS Construction
  • 32″ Long Handle Eliminates Bending and Stooping
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle Means Better Gripping
  • Light Weight, Easy To Carry And Use

  • If you want a pooper scooper that is sturdy, easy to handle, and capable of getting the dirty job done with a minimum of fuss and as little hands-on contact as possible. Get the Scoop Claw!

    Offers expires 20151006.